Baylee Girl our Mini English Bulldog

Who we Are

We are Bella and Corey Wiltink

We live just a hop skip and a jump from the beautiful Festival City of Stratford, Ontario, Canada. As you know by now, we breed Miniature English Bulldogs and you will find our fur babies all over North America.

Why do we do it?

Quite Simply. We love dogs! All breeds. To us each and every breed has their very own special and endearing qualities. Over the years we have owned several different breeds and loved them all.

So why Mini Bulldogs?

Bulldogs have always been our favorite. They've been mine ever since I was a child. Before I could have one I had posters and t-shirts of them. They make us laugh like no other and they snuggle and give the best kisses! They are an amazing family dog as they love children and playing in the yard. They are also great dogs for older ones too as they don't require an abundance of exercise and do well in smaller places. All they really require is your time and your love. They are people dogs. 

Probably the most common question we are asked is "aren't you sad when they leave?" Well, yes temporarily and then no when we see the joy they bring to the beautiful people that adopt them. We all have Instagram accounts and keep in touch as we post pictures of our babies and watch them grow. We share insights on training tricks, foods and activities. Any questions and concerns can be put out to the "family" to answer. Generally speaking they live privileged lives, lol. But seriously!

Since English Bulldogs have been bred down in size to the mini level they are also very easy to manage and make great lap dogs. That's what drew us to the mini's.

Duke the Mini English Bulldog

We are concerned about the health of our favorite breed

Health Is Number One to Us

We breed only healthy, athletic, free breathing Bulldogs. All our breeding dogs are genetically tested and clear of the most common diseases afflicting many Bulldogs and their hips are sound. They are well structured representing the unchanging Breed Standard English Bulldog but in a mini version. We see far too many poorly bred bulldogs out there that live an agonizing and short life. A proper Bulldog lives for 10 to 12 years, not 5 or 6. Mini's as with other smaller breeds live longer.

Our obsessive insistence on good health was a hard learned lesson. A number of years ago we had our beloved dog Domi, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He had an agonizing life and it was devastating to watch. His allergies gave him very poor skin and hot spots on his paws. His ears overproduced wax that caused him to scratch incessantly and he had colitis. On top of that, he constantly grew benign tumours that needed to be surgically removed. With a VERY expensive diet, constant medication and numerous surgeries we could manage it, but barely. We spent tens of thousands of dollars on him, which we would do again but in the end he died a premature death having a heart attack in my arms. It is still hard to write about but I feel it's imperative that I do to emphasize the importance of doing your research before you buy your best little family friend. We bought him from a registered breeder and she was a sincerely kind person and we know she meant well and loved her dogs. Unfortunately she hadn't been doing her due diligence in testing her dogs before she bred them to eliminate these conditions, and we didn't ask the right or enough questions. Domi wasn't a one off accident as we learned later. The least expensive breeder is most likely the one you dont want to buy your puppy from. The money saved up front will be spent ten times over at the vets and in heartache. By the same token, the most expensive breeders may not have the best dogs either. You need to know what you should be looking for in a bulldog first. In our breed info we will share what AKC, CKC and KC say and provide a few links that you should read up on. Then you will be well equipped to find that beautiful little Bulldog to bring into your home.

Wee Kevin

Enough Sad News! Here's What Our Dogs Can Do!

It brings us immense joy to produce excellent dogs. They breath freely. They can and do run and play for hours. Our dogs are no couch potatoes if you want to be active with them. Because they do breath well and are lighter they can tolerate the heat and humidity better than most other Bulldogs.** 

Thank you for coming this far and taking your time to see who we are. Please continue to look around and enjoy. Feel free to ask us any and all the questions you like by email or on the phone. We just love to talk about our Mini Bulldogs! Don't forget to hit the subscribe button to receive our  Newsletter  and Blog!

**Always keep your Bulldog safe. Know the signs of overheating and know how to keep them cool**


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